Simple & Seamless Invoicing for UAE Business

Create, share and send invoices that are compliant with UAE Laws & Regulations, from anywhere at anytime.

Integrated VAT Compliance

LEDGERS invoices are designed to be error-free and compliant with the latest UAE VAT regulations. Our inbuilt tax and rule-engine, ensures that your invoices are correct and tax-compliant. Issue error free invoices and enjoy a stress free tax filing process.

UAE Payment Gateway

LEDGERS invoices makes getting paid - fast and simple. Invoices generated on LEDGERS automatically have an embedded payment link from UAE payment processors. LEDGERS allows your customers to pay you quickly and get receipts instantly.

Payment Reconciliation

LEDGERS invoicing is integrated with a powerful payment reconciliation engine that can reconcile payments through bank account or payment gateway. When you get paid, LEDGERS automatically updates the accounts statement and issues receipts.

Invoicing & Payment Reconciliation

LEDGERS invoicing and payment reconciliation solution allows your business users to create and share, error-free invoices quickly and easily, from their phone, computer, or using our API service. Delight your customers with an error-free invoicing and payment reconciliation solution with embedded payment processing capabilities to collect payments faster.

Secure Cloud Access

LEDGERS provides businesses with a cloud platform offering unparalleled flexibility and accessibility to manage their UAE Business invoices and receivables. Business owners can easily access the platform from anywhere in the world through mobile or desktop through the internet. LEDGERS Cloud is indispensable in today's fast-paced, globalized business environment, enabling decision-makers to issue and manage their revenues from anywhere in the world.

In tandem to offering seamless cloud access, LEDGERS takes due care to ensure your data privacy and security is always maintained. LEDGERS.Cloud for UAE ensures that all your UAE business data is localised within AWS data-centers in UAE to comply with tax regulations. LEDGERS has extensive privacy and data controls inbuilt and continuous audits to ensure your data is always kept secure and private. LEDGERS not only ensures compliance with UAE tax laws but also empowers businesses with the privacy and flexibility needed to thrive in the global market.

Invoicing Payment Reconciliation


LEDGERS is a cloud-based invoicing platform. LEDGERS Cloud for UAE is designed for UAE businesses, facilitating the creation, sharing, and sending of invoices that are compliant with UAE laws and regulations.

LEDGERS features an inbuilt tax and rule-engine to ensure that invoices are error-free and compliant with the latest UAE VAT regulations, enabling businesses to issue tax-compliant invoices with ease.

Yes, LEDGERS invoices include an embedded payment link from UAE payment processors, allowing customers to pay quickly and receive receipts instantly, thereby making the payment process fast and simple. In UAE we support CCAvenue, Telr & Payoneer.

Payment reconciliation is the process of matching invoices with payments to ensure accuracy. LEDGERS integrates with a powerful engine that reconciles payments through bank accounts or payment gateways, updating the accounts statement and issuing receipts automatically upon payment.

Businesses can access LEDGERS through mobile or desktop or API from anywhere in the world, as long as they have internet access. The platform is cloud-based, offering flexibility and accessibility for managing invoices and receivables.

LEDGERS ensures data privacy and security through extensive privacy and data controls, continuous audits, and by localizing all UAE business data within AWS data-centers in the UAE to comply with tax regulations and maintain security.

Yes, LEDGERS is designed to be fully compliant with UAE tax laws and regulations, ensuring that businesses can issue and manage invoices without worrying about compliance issues.

LEDGERS' inbuilt tax and rule-engine automatically checks and ensures that all invoices generated are correct and compliant with UAE VAT regulations, helping businesses to issue error-free invoices and enjoy a stress-free tax filing process.


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