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GST eInvoice & eWay Bill

Generate GST e-Invoices and eWay bill using web browser, Android, iOS or API service and share with customers over email, SMS and Whatsapp.

GST e-Invoicing

GST e-Invoicing has been implemented by the Government to curb tax evasion and to make invoice reporting more efficient. GST e-Invoices can be generated on B2B supplies and involves the use of a standardised invoice template to reduce errors and improve interoperability. All GST e-Invoices contain a QR code and the QR code can be scanned by the customers to authenticate the validity of the e-Invoice.

GST e-Invoicing is mandatory for all business having a turnover more than INR 5 crores.

Generate GST eInvoices

Generate GST eInvoices from LEDGERS

LEDGERS can help your business generate, maintain and share GST e-Invoices with QR code to customers through email, SMS & Whatsapp. LEDGERS is integrated with the GST eInvoicing Platform and post a one time activation, all B2B invoices generated on LEDGERS through web browser, Android, iOS or API service will automatically lead to the creation of a GST eInvoice.

  • Activate GST e-Invoicing Service in Minutes
  • Generate from Web Browser, Android or iOS
  • Generate GST e-Invoices using API or Excel
  • Automatic e-Invoice Generation post activation
Create e-Way Bill

Create e-Way Bill from LEDGERS

GST eWay bill must be generated for transport of goods. You can integrate your LEDGERS with the GST eWay Bill portal and start generating and sharing eWay Bill to your customers.

  • Activate GST eWay Bill Service in Minutes
  • Generate eWay Bill from Web Brower or Android, iOS
  • Generate GST eWay Bill using API or Excel
  • One click eWay Bill generation from GST invoice
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Simplifying GST Compliance

GST eInvoicing & eWay bill simplifies GST compliance for both the suppliers and the customers. With standardized e-Invoice and eWay bill formats and real-time tracking, businesses can seamlessly comply with GST regulations and ensure that their suppliers are proving them with ITC. Some of the major benefits of GST e-Invoicing & e-Way bill are:

  • e-Invoicing ensures customers get GST Input Tax Credit seamlessly
  • e-Invoicing reduces workload in preparing of GST returns each month
  • e-Invoicing ensures that invoices are standardised and error-free


GST e-Invoices and eWay Bills are digital documents used for GST compliance. e-Invoices are used for B2B supplies, while eWay Bills are necessary for the transport of goods.

GST e-Invoices and eWay bill can be generated from LEDGERS using web browsers, Android, iOS, or API services, and shared with customers via email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

The Government introduced GST e-Invoicing to curb tax evasion and make invoice reporting more efficient.

A GST e-Invoice is a standardised invoice format that contains a QR code that can be scanned to authenticate its validity.

It is mandatory for businesses with an annual turnover exceeding INR 5 crores.

LEDGERS integrates with the GSTN eInvoicing Platform, allowing automatic generation of GST e-Invoices post-activation.

Yes, GST e-Invoices can be generated using the LEDGERS app on Android and iOS devices.

Yes, GST e-Invoices can be generated using API or Excel through LEDGERS.

An e-Way Bill is required for the transportation of goods to ensure GST compliance.

You can integrate LEDGERS with the GST eWay Bill portal to generate and share eWay Bills.

Yes, customers can authenticate e-Invoices by scanning the QR code embedded on all GST e-Invoices.

The activation process can be completed in minutes, enabling automatic generation of these documents. Activate e-Invoicing through Settings or get in touch with support.


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