GST eInvoicing is mandatory for businesses having turnover greater than Rs. 5 crores.

GST eInvoice & eWay Bill

Scalable GST eInvoice stack with integrated payment links and powerful reconciliation features. Simple APIs to create, send and collect payment from customers with inbuilt tax computation and accounting.


eInvoice Features

GST eInvoice

Our APIs are designed to comply with GST norms and is integrated with the GST eInvoicing platform, ensuring every invoice you generate meets regulatory standards. Save time on double-checking and corrections, and stay compliant effortlessly.

Payment Links

Simplify payments and speed up the collection process with inbuilt payment links. With just a click, your customers can proceed with payments, improving your cash flow and customer experience.


Automatically send notifications to customers on Whatsapp, SMS, Email with payment links for invoices and estimates. Ensure high delivery rates and open rates for your invoices by customers.

Tax Compliance

Automatically compute GST amount, TDS dues, and balance receivable for each invoice based on in-built invoice reconciliation engine. Ensure your invoices are tax compliant.


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