HR Management

Simplify and streamline your HR Management

Comprehensive HR cloud-based suite to manage all aspects of employee management like onboarding, attendance, payroll, compliance and exit.

HR Platform - Designed to be simple & easy to use

LEDGERS payroll platform is an easy to use HR platform specifically designed for small businesses. LEDGERS simplifies the complex and time-consuming tasks associated with payroll processing, TDS, ESI, PF & labour law statutory compliance. Run monthly payroll by yourself at the click of a button or get support from dedicated HR Professionals to process payroll and send payslips to employees.

Payroll and Payslip

Simplified Payroll Processing and Payslip Generation

With LEDGERS, no specialized HR knowledge to process payroll or maintain TDS, ESI, PF and labour law compliances. Complete payroll processing and payslip generation from a single dashboard, significantly reducing the time and effort required to complete these tasks.

  • Easily setup employee CTC and process payroll.
  • Get payroll report with employee payable and statutory dues.
  • Maintain TDS, ESI, PF & PT compliances easily.
  • Download detailed HR reports & MIS on excel.

Give employees an easy to use employee portal on mobile.

Enable an easy to use employee portal for employees to view their employment records, submit tax declarations and download payslips. Allow employees to apply for leaves or permissions and track their payable days online.

  • Manage daily employee attendance
  • Leave & permission management
  • View payroll & download payslips
  • Manage employment records & KYC
Comprehensive HR_statutory

Comprehensive HR statutory records & compliance management

LEDGERS enables small businesses to easily manage all aspects of HR statutory compliances like ESI, PF, and TDS. Get support from dedicated HR Professionals to ensure that your business is always upto date with statutory compliances.

  • Dedicated HR Compliance Team
  • Automatic TDS return preparation
  • Labour Law, PF, ESI & PT Filing
  • Maintain HR records & registers


LEDGERS is a comprehensive payroll and employee management solution tailored for small businesses, simplifying payroll processing, statutory compliance, and employee management.

LEDGERS provides a streamlined, single dashboard solution for payroll processing, statutory filing and payslip generation, making it more efficient and less time-consuming.

No, one of the key features of LEDGERS is that it doesn’t require specialized HR knowledge for payroll processing or handling tax and regulatory returns.

LEDGERS provides reports & returns for businesses to comply with labor laws and regulations related to TDS, ESI, and PF, helping to avoid legal issues and fines.

LEDGERS offers an integrated system that combines attendance tracking with payroll processing. If attendance is tracked using LEDGERS, payroll can be generated at the click of a button.

LEDGERS employee portal can be used by employees to manage their leave requests independently, reducing the administrative workload for employers.

LEDGERS simplifies employee onboarding processes through a Video KYC & automated employment contract generation process, ensuring a smooth and efficient digital approach.

Yes, LEDGERS enables small businesses to easily manage all aspects of HR statutory compliances like ESI, PF, and TDS.

LEDGERS HR Platform is designed to be simple and easy to use. You can use the payroll platform yourself or get support from our dedicated HR professionals to process payroll.

Absolutely, LEDGERS is suitable for small businesses and scalable for growing enterprises. LEDGERS can support businesses with 1 employees or 100 employees.


LEDGERS for Business

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