Real-time financial statements

Corporate Tax Filing

Prepare annual financial statements and file UAE corporate tax return in minutes for your business in UAE from anywhere.

File Corporate Tax Return from LEDGERS

LEDGERS can help you manage the accounts for your UAE business and prepare financial statements easily. File corporate tax return on EmaraTax portal using LEDGERS and keep records as per UAE Laws. With LEDGERS, there is no need for any other invoicing, tax, payroll or accounting software.

  • Invoicing - Issue invoices that are compliant with UAE law and VAT regulations.
  • VAT Compliance - Easily prepare and file VAT return for your UAE business from LEDGERS.
  • Payroll - Process payroll for your UAE employees using LEDGERS and remain compliant with UAE laws.
  • Corporate Tax Filing - Prepare and file Corporate Tax Return for your business from LEDGERS.
  • Accounting - Maintain book of accounts for your UAE business on LEDGERS.
  • Financial Statements - Prepare detailed financial statements in minutes using LEDGERS.
File GST, TDS & Income Tax Returns
Comprehensive Accounting-Suite

Accounting & Financial Statement

Get an online accounting suite capable maintaining your business financial information and preparing accurate financial statements.

  • Income Statement
    Get Income Statement for your business along with the breakup. Instantly prepare profit & loss accounts on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis.
  • Balance Sheet
    Get a detailed balance sheet for your UAE Business in minutes along with breakup of assets, liabilities and equity balances.
  • Cash Flow & Notes
    Prepare cash flow statement for your business as per Accounting Standards along with detailed notes to financial statements.
Accounting Simplified

Accounting Simplified

LEDGERS can help simplify accounting and bookkeeping for your UAE business through seamless automation. Easily reconcile your bank transactions, tax transaction with an inbuilt rule engine to prepare financial statement, file VAT and corporate tax return in minutes.

  • Built for UAE
    LEDGERS has been built from scratch to support UAE rules and accounting practices.
  • Compliant with UAE Laws
    All your data is stored on the LEDGERS Cloud securely within UAE to be compliant under UAE laws.
  • Chart of Accounts
    Manage a customisable chart of accounts for your business that is acceptable as per UAE laws.
  • Journal Entry
    Pass journal entries to account for complex financial transactions and make adjustments to the books of accounts.


LEDGERS is an online accounting suite designed to manage the accounts, prepare financial statements, and file corporate and VAT returns for businesses in the UAE.

Yes, you can prepare annual financial statements and file your UAE corporate tax return directly from LEDGERS on the EmaraTax portal.

Yes, LEDGERS is fully compliant with UAE law, including VAT regulations, payroll processing, and accounting practices. All data is securely stored within the UAE to ensure compliance.

No, LEDGERS eliminates the need for any other invoicing, tax, payroll, or accounting software, as it provides a comprehensive solution for all these needs.

LEDGERS allows you to easily prepare and file VAT returns for your UAE business, ensuring full compliance with VAT regulations.

You can prepare a detailed income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and notes to the financial statements quickly and accurately.

Yes, you can issue invoices that are fully compliant with UAE law and VAT regulations directly through LEDGERS.

LEDGERS simplifies accounting and bookkeeping through seamless automation, allowing easy reconciliation of bank and tax transactions, and preparation of financial statements and tax returns in minutes.

Yes, your data is stored securely on the LEDGERS Cloud within the UAE, ensuring it is compliant under UAE laws.

Yes, LEDGERS lets you manage a customizable chart of accounts for your business that complies with UAE laws.

Yes, LEDGERS allows you to pass journal entries to account for complex financial transactions and make adjustments to the books of accounts.

Any business operating in the UAE, regardless of size or industry, can use LEDGERS for their accounting, invoicing, payroll, VAT, and corporate tax filing needs.

Yes, LEDGERS allows you to instantly prepare profit & loss accounts and other financial reports on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis.

With LEDGERS, you can pass journal entries to accurately account for complex financial transactions and adjustments in your books of accounts.

Yes, LEDGERS is specifically designed to manage VAT and corporate tax filing in the UAE, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations.

LEDGERS provides an all-in-one solution for UAE businesses by managing accounts, ensuring legal compliance, processing payroll, filing taxes, and preparing financial statements efficiently and securely.


LEDGERS for Business

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