Get complete control over business expenses

Get visibility and control over all business expenses made by employees, online purchases and subscription payments.

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Zero Fee Cards

No annual fee, no hidden fee. EQL cards are designed to be simple and straightforward. Spend without worrying about fees.

No Annual Fee

IEQL cards do not have any annual fee. Get EQL without worrying about recurring fees.

Safe & Secure
Safe & Secure

EQL card is backed by Master Card & State Bank of Mauritius in India.

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Amazing Support

Get support for your EQL card over live chat directly through LEDGERS app.

Convenient & Easy

Use your EQL card across all stores accepting credit card and ATMs.

EQL Dashboard
Business owners

Control everything in a single place

Manage all aspects of EQL card like card issuance, fund management, balance check, statement, expense accounting and card control from a single dashboard.

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Empower your team with a cutting-edge business expense management platform

EQL can completely transform the business expense and reimbursement process for your employees.

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Getting started with EQL card is easy

You can quickly setup the EQL card platform for your business and start issuing and managing your employees cards.

Get control over your business expenses today.

EQL card provides a completely online business expense management platform for business owners and employees.


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