UAE VAT Filing

VAT Filing platform integrated with UAE invoicing to help businesses seamlessly manage their VAT compliance and reconciliation through a single platform.

Billing & Invoicing

Create and share invoices that are compliant with UAE laws and VAT regulations from LEDGERS Cloud platform. Instantly generate and send invoices from anywhere through email, SMS and Whatsapp.

VAT Return Filing

Easily file VAT return directly from LEDGERS on the EmaraTax platform. Easily bulk import invoices, prepare and file error-free UAT VAT return in minutes.

Tax Reconciliation

Automatically reconcile your VAT invoices against purchases to reconcile and claim accurate input tax credit on your UAE VAT return.

File VAT Returns Directly from LEDERS on EmaraTax Portal

LEDGERS is integrated with the EmaraTax Portal through APIs. You can easily connect your LEDGERS to EmaraTax portal and file VAT return in minutes. There is no requirement to import excel files or input tax return data manually.


VAT Compliant Invoices

Generate and send error-free quotes and invoices to your customers directly using the LEDGERS web application, Android, iOS or API service. Creating quotes and invoices through LEDGERS ensures that your business is error-free and compliant with UAE invoicing and VAT regulations.

With an inbuilt payment reconciliation engine, LEDGERS can help you match payments in bank or cash against invoices to generate accounts statement for your customers instantly. Delight your customers with a smooth and professional billing experience.

Integrate any UAE payment gateway with LEDGERS and generate invoices that have embedded payment links that track and reconcile online payments instantly. Simplify your invoicing, payment collection and VAT compliance with LEDGERS.

File VAT Return in Minutes

Keep track of VAT due dates and file VAT return in minutes from LEDGERS directly on EmaraTax platform. With LEDGERS you do not need accounting knowledge or experience to file VAT returns on the EmaraTax Portal.

  • Issue invoices of import invoices into LEDGERS from billing software
  • Prepare accurate UAE VAT return in minutes on LEDGERS and reconcile tax transactions
  • File VAT return on EmaraTax Portal form LEDGERS through APIs seamlessly
GST Return Minutes
Track and Collect

Corporate Tax Return

All businesses operating in UAE must obtain Corporate Tax Registration and file Corporate Tax Return. With LEDGERS, you can easily prepare financial statements for your UAE Business online and file Corporate Tax Returns using LEDGERS easily. Corporate Tax Filing on LEDGERS for UAE businesses will go live in 2024.


LEDGERS is a cloud platform that integrates VAT filing and invoicing for UAE businesses, simplifying VAT compliance and VAT filing on EmaraTax portal through a unified platform.

Businesses can create and share invoices compliant with UAE laws and VAT regulations directly from LEDGERS Cloud platform, which supports instant invoice generation and distribution via email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

LEDGERS allows for easy VAT return filing directly on the EmaraTax platform, including bulk invoice import, preparation, and submission of error-free UAE VAT returns in minutes.

Yes, LEDGERS automatically reconciles VAT invoices against purchases to ensure accurate input tax credit claims on your UAE VAT return.

Through API integration, LEDGERS connects directly with the EmaraTax Portal, allowing for quick VAT return filing without the need for manual data entry or Excel imports.

Yes, LEDGERS enables the generation and sending of error-free, VAT-compliant quotes and invoices, ensuring compliance with UAE invoicing and VAT regulations.

LEDGERS features an inbuilt payment reconciliation engine that matches payments received in bank or cash against invoices, instantly generating customer account statements.

Yes, LEDGERS can integrate with any UAE payment gateway, facilitating the creation of invoices with embedded payment links that track and reconcile online payments instantly.

Users can track VAT due dates, prepare accurate UAE VAT returns, and file them directly on the EmaraTax Portal through LEDGERS, all within minutes and without the need for extensive accounting knowledge.

Starting in 2024, LEDGERS will offer capabilities to prepare financial statements online and file Corporate Tax Returns for UAE businesses, streamlining the process of obtaining Corporate Tax Registration and compliance.

Yes, businesses can import invoices into LEDGERS from their existing billing software, facilitating seamless VAT return preparation and reconciliation.

By using LEDGERS for creating quotes and invoices, businesses can ensure their billing is compliant and free from errors, thanks to the platform's adherence to UAE invoicing and VAT regulations.

Integrating payment gateways with LEDGERS simplifies invoicing, payment collection, and VAT compliance by enabling invoices with instant payment options and automated payment reconciliation.

Yes, LEDGERS is designed so that users without accounting knowledge or experience can easily track VAT obligations and file returns on the EmaraTax Portal.

With its payment reconciliation engine and ability to generate instant account statements, LEDGERS offers a smooth and professional billing experience, enhancing customer satisfaction.

This integration facilitates seamless VAT return filing directly from LEDGERS to the EmaraTax Portal, eliminating manual data entry and streamlining the VAT filing process.

By generating invoices through LEDGERS, businesses can ensure compliance with all UAE VAT regulations and laws, thanks to the platform's up-to-date features and regulatory adherence.

LEDGERS streamlines VAT return preparation by importing invoices, reconciling tax transactions, and directly filing VAT returns on the EmaraTax Portal through a user-friendly interface.


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